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Spiritually minded calls to help you navigate life's challenges and remind you of your potential 
  • Anyone who feels confused, lost, or unsure about what to do next

  • Anyone who has been trying conventional therapy but not getting anywhere

  • Anyone who feels isolated or alone even amongst friends or family

  • Anyone in need of spiritual advice about their relationship or life direction

  • Anyone in need comfort, support, and unconditional love

  • Anyone going through a big life transition, loss, or break-up

  • Anyone who is having a hard time regaining self-esteem or confidence

  • Anyone who is struggling with guilt, grief, fear, or anger

  • Anyone in need of a listening ear and guidance

  • Anyone trying to overcome a massive loss, heartache, or trauma

who  are Clarity Calls for:


Clarity calls are hour long phone or zoom sessions to help you make sense of your life through a spiritual lens, specifically using the methods of The Inner Work. These calls are about going beneath the surface of your issues and unveiling the deeper shadow behaviors & beliefs which hold you back in life. By addressing your unmet inner-child needs, healing your unconscious psychological wounds, and untangling the knots in your energy body, you will finally be able to break free from cycles of pain which keep your from living the life of your dreams

"Mat and Ash have a way of getting you out of your own way and helping you to see the larger picture. Because of them I have become aware that so many of my repeated relationship issues have actually had to do with unhealed inner child wounds I didn't even know existed but were obviously there. They have opened my eyes to things I would have never seen on my own and it's because of them that I am finally healing even after years of traditional therapy." -Leilani

"I fully believe Mat and Ash saved our marriage. Couples counseling with them has literally transformed our relationship from toxic and on the verge of divorce to falling back in love with one another. My partner and I are now committed to Inner Work and healing our Inner child together and it has brought us back together even stronger than before. I couldn't thank them enough". -Kate

"I've had so many counseling sessions over the last 5 or 6 years I couldn't even count. I want you guys to know that this was my favorite session I've ever had."



When you book a call with us you will immediately receive an email with an attached Inner Work evaluation form. This form is designed to help reveal information which will take us beyond the surface of your problem. Please send this form back to us at least 24hrs before your scheduled call so we have time to read and meditate on your responses. Calls happen in 3 parts. During the first 15 minutes of the Clarity Call we will ask you to tell us about yourself and your current issue. During the 2nd 15 minute portion, we will review your evaluation form with you and give you our insight regarding your possible unconscious unmet child needs, unhealed psychological wounds, and energy body blockages. During the final 30 minutes you will be given guidance, healing steps and actions to take in order to resolve and transcend your problem. *If you feel you need weekly or monthly calls we offer discounted bundles for current clients.

This can be arranged after your first call.

what  to expect

Mat and Ash are internationally recognized holistic healers and contemporary teachers of Self-realization. Known as The Yoga Couple, their fresh outlook on holistic psychology, yoga philosophy, spirituality, and meditation is down to earth and accessible for all. Their mission is to bridge the gap between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy especially when it comes to navigating relationships. They are the authors of The Inner Work, The Inner Work podcast hosts, as well as cast members of season one Battle of The Fittest Couples on Paramount Network. Together they reside on Big Island, Hawaii where they host healing and personal transformation retreats.

Mathew Micheletti graduated from high school at age 15 to begin his college studies. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Psychology at 19 years old, he worked in inpatient psychiatry for a year before heading into naturopathic medical school in Arizona. It was there that he met the three colleagues who would change the course of his life forever. A Yogi, a former Buddhist monk, and a Hindu. Through them he was introduced to the eastern philosophies of Self-realization. Mathew was inspired to then leave medical school to further his studies of consciousness and the mind. At 23 years old, seeking to further understand and learn how to best heal the mind, he enrolled into a Master's program to become a family therapist. Still unsatisfied with the limited attention academics gave to understanding consciousness, Mathew immersed himself into full time study of research on consciousness and enlightenment conducted by Dr. Hawkins, M.D, PH.D. Mathew has since trained in the YogaWorks method under Alexandra Crow and has gone on to teach at studios and festivals across the United States with his wife Ashley. Together they now live on the big island of Hawaii. 

Ashley Cottrell began practicing yoga at age 16. Growing up with a mother severely addicted to narcotics, inspired Ashley to investigate spirituality and alternative healing early on in her life. By twenty, Ashley began studying to become a yoga educator with her mentor Kathleen Santor. She continued her search for truth and wisdom at UNLV studying eastern philosophy and religion, while simultaneously teaching yoga therapy under the direct guidance of Dr. Alissa Wampole, OMD. Wanting to bring the light of yoga to "Sin City", Ashley opened her first yoga studio, Modo Yoga LV by age 25, and her second studio Evolution Yoga by age 26. She has since trained under teachers such as Ted Grand, founder of Moksha Yoga, Annie Carpenter, founder of SmartFlow, Aileen Epstein Ignadiou, founder of the Iyengar Yoga Center, and has taken special interest to studying the work of George Feuerstein PH.D Indologist - Founder of Traditional Yoga Studies. Besides being one half of The Yoga Couple with her husband Mathew, she is also the co-founder of Spirit Woman, an organization committed to educating women about their moon cycles and blood cycles. Ashley's mother, Lisa, has now been sober for over six years due to the healing powers of yoga and alternative medicine. 

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