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A FREE 3 day challenge to help you reclaim your sovereignty, access your unwavering inner peace, and reignite your faith in goodness amongst a chaotic and polarizing world climate


Namaste Centered


Create a sacred morning ritual that will transform your day to day experience forever more


Super charge your energy and boost your mood every single day

Let go of unnecessary worry, stress, and overwhelm

Heal your heart, expand your mind, and tap into supreme consciousness

Soothe away tension in your body and move stuck energy

Develop habits and learn practices that help you take control over your mindset, mood, energy, and body

Break old toxic habits and give yourself a fresh start

Shed layers of the past and uncover the truth of your joy, freedom, love, and bliss


3 day challenge itinerary

Guided reading prompts to help you read The Inner Work book in just 7 days!
7 days of inspirational and guidance emails direct to your inbox in order to help you put your self-care routine first
7 videos of energy clearing practices including ancient breath work, kundalini kriyas, yoga classes, guided mediations, and talks on healing and expanding your consciousness
Access to our private facebook group for motivation and support!

Aloha & Namaste!

We're Mat & Ash and we so happy you found us. To our 500K+ online community we are best known as the authors of The Inner Work, hosts of The Inner Work podcast, founders of Sacred Yoga Institute and holistic healers. 

We have many ways to help you to to begin your self-healing or couples-healing journey. 

From working with us one-on-one in our holistic counseling programs, joining a course intensive, experiencing our destination retreats, or pursuing yoga teacher certifications.

For now, we hope you enjoy this free 7 day frequency reset challenge + a free digital copy of our book The Inner Work!

See you inside the challenge!

-Mat & Ash

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