Your Hero's Journey

A holistic and alternative approach to traditional therapy.
Spiritual counseling based on the Themes of Consciousness and Inner Work.
Let's pull out the root of your issue instead of trimming the leaves. 

"The hero journey is inside of you;

tear off the veils and open the mystery of your self."



Welcome to Your Hero's Journey! Overtime all of us accumulate layers and scars of who we are not, whether it be through trauma, hardships, or the daily grind of life just wears us down. But these experiences don't have to break us and identify us, instead they can initiate us to face our heroic awakening! The awakening is when you realize that there is so much more to you than what you are experiencing and you know something is off but you can't seem to figure out how to break free. But you feel, most importantly, it's time to do something about it! Welcome courageous soul! You are in good company.


It is my honor to be your guide and healer through this process. As one who has been through my own share of personal pits of hell and suicidal lows, no one should have to slay their demons alone. Whether you want to heal past traumas and finally be free of the pain and limiting stories, release current bad habits or addictions, improve your relationships, or become more successful and empowered in your career, these weekly one-on-one counseling sessions (plus daily texting and messaging) help you make sense of your life through a spiritual lens, specifically using the methods of The Inner Work. This experience is about going beneath the surface of your issues and unveiling the deeper shadow behaviors & beliefs which hold you back in life. By addressing your unmet inner-child needs, healing your unconscious psychological wounds, and untangling the knots in your energy body, you will finally be able to break free from cycles of pain which keep you from living the life of your dreams. You don't have to do it alone!


who is the hero's journey for?

  • Anyone who is ready for clarity, clear direction and insight on what to do next

  • Anyone ready to heal and to feel comfort, support, and unconditional love

  • Anyone who is ready to be free of past trauma and self-sabotage

  • Anyone is ready to break free from addiction or illness

  • Anyone who is ready to become empowered, confident, and truly love themselves

  • Anyone who has been trying conventional therapy but not getting anywhere

  • Anyone ready to step into their true potential and enjoy true happiness and success

  • Anyone who feels isolated or alone even amongst friends or family

  • Anyone in need of spiritual advice about their relationship or life direction

  • Anyone going through a big life transition, loss, or break-up

  • Anyone ready to be free of the struggle with guilt, grief, fear, or anger

  • Anyone in need of a listening ear and guidance without judgment




Program Types & Costs

Cliff Hiking

The Hero's Journey

3 month Transformation Experience 

$500 per month

Money Back Guarantee 

This option is for you if you are looking for a total life overhaul, someone who is looking to truly go through a life transformation and enjoy true, deep, lasting changes. This amount of time together gives us the opportunity to continuously uproot any and all resistances that come up during the healing process together so that the changes you make can remain permanently. Most often in the healing experience is we have major breakthroughs but very easily find ourselves eventually back in the same situations or patterns again due to not having someone to hold us accountable in order to avoid slipping into old habits. I created this option to account for this and address the resistances as they arise in order to equip you with all the practical tools needed to enjoy true transformation.

Wandering Traveler

Hero's Tune up

One month


no auto pay

money back guarantee

This option is for you if you have one or two major changes that you are trying to work on and just need some added insight and guidance on taking the right steps to make the changes and help them stick with accountability. However, overall are feeling very satisfied in other areas of your life and have maybe even been working on your self-development and inner work for many years already.


How it works


Weekly Calls

Each week we'll pick up where we left off with our hour long holistic counseling sessions.


Text Access

Text me daily as things come up. I'm here for you and will respond as soon as I can.




Daily Voice Memos

Send long form voice memos about situations, triggers, feelings and I will respond back with voice memos too. 


Video, Audio & Reading Material

I'll send you additional learning and motivational materials specifically to help you in your healing process. 

This experience is unlike anything else in the conventional system because the foundation is rooted in unconditional love and constant support. The number one feedback that everyone I work with at some point shares is that they had no idea how supported they were going to be. They are are shocked at how much time and energy goes into making sure that I am there for them and they feel supported and constantly guided - something they have never felt before. And it is this constant access and feeling of having someone help you shoulder the weight of your healing process that I believe this holistic healing approach truly inspires change. It is the energy field of unconditional love that is capable of the miraculous healing and life transformations that I have had the honor of witnessing over and over again!


You can expect to be constantly reminded of your great worth, cherished importance, and the truth of who you really are - beyond what other influences may be saying. I believe in the healing power of expectancy. Conventional approaches treat people according to their symptoms and how they are currently presenting themselves to the world and therefore only perpetuates the same results because the fundamental sense of identity is not being replaced. This method of being seen as you really are, not as you've been told you are, works so effectively because it holds up the mirror for your true self to be honored and recognized instead of the wounded self that everyone else keeps reinforcing. I have witnessed in clients that sometimes finally being seen for their true potential creates massive shifts in self-empowerment alone!


This program is a culmination of over fifteen years of research, fine-tuning, and practice to truly give you the ultimate healing experience that I fully stand behind, know works, and can address absolutely anything within the human condition. There is no trauma too big, no story or event that's an exception. Absolutely every human condition that you could go through is capable of healing through understanding the Themes of Consciousness and practicing the Inner Work because it is universal to all humanity.

I'm so confident that this approach can help you make major breakthroughs in your healing journey that if you aren't fully satisfied with the changes you experience I will happily refund the full amount, no questions asked. I offer this as my own testimony that I know this approach to healing can help you, no matter what you are going through, or went through. Also to help you understand there's no risk other than the risk of finally letting go of your suffering and pain.


So the only question is, are you really ready to live a life without this negative thing anymore, whatever it is? What if it could finally be over?

Let's find out what's on the other side together.

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Mathew Micheletti is an internationally recognized holistic healer and contemporary teacher of Self-realization. Known as The Yoga Couple with his wife Ash, his fresh outlook on holistic psychology, yoga philosophy, spirituality, and meditation is down to earth and accessible for all. His mission is to bridge the gap between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy especially when it comes to navigating relationships and healing. Together with Ash, they are the authors of The Inner Work and The Inner Work podcast hosts. Together they reside on Big Island, Hawaii where they host yoga teacher trainings, Inner Work Healing retreats, and personal transformation immersions.

Mathew graduated from high school at age 15 to begin his college studies. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Psychology at 19 years old, he worked in inpatient psychiatry for a year before heading into naturopathic medical school in Arizona. It was there that he met the three colleagues who would change the course of his life forever. A Yogi, a former Buddhist monk, and a Hindu. Through them he was introduced to the eastern philosophies of Self-realization. During this time Mathew was drawn to mind-body healing and especially the power of the placebo effect to cure the "incurable." This fascinated him and made him want to explore more healing practices that approached healing through consciousness.


Due to these realizations Mathew was inspired to leave medical school to further his studies of consciousness and the power of the mind. At 23 years old, seeking to further understand and learn how to best heal the mind, he enrolled into a Master's program to become a family therapist. However, still unsatisfied with the limited attention academics gave to understanding consciousness, Mathew decided to leave the conventional healing practices in order to immerse himself into full time study of research on consciousness and enlightenment conducted by Dr. Hawkins, M.D, PH.D. After over a decade of research and practice, Mathew's holistic healing approach was fine-tuned through the art of intuitive unconditional love and the Themes of Consciousness as the guide to human conscious evolution and healing.

Mathew has since revolutionized the holistic healing process through addressing the Themes of Consciousness as a road map to full healing of the body, mind, and soul. By addressing the core of human consciousness accompanied by unconditional love, things that haven't healed after years of conventional approaches are able to finally heal and have a breakthrough and transformation due to the original, root cause finally being addressed.



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