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The Inner Work Challenge That Will Empower You to
Attract, Create, And Keep A Healthy & Conscious Relationship 
For Singles & Couples


Namaste नमस्ते: "I honor the Divine within you."

Welcome to the Namaste Together Challenge! We are so excited to meet you! We created this challenge out of need and request from our clients, readers, and online community. You asked us to show you how to attract, create, and keep a conscious, spiritual, and healthy relationship, so we are taking you on a 13-day journey that will show you exactly how!

This challenge will be hands-on. Every day you'll be guided in practical activities, processes, and group discussions that will lead you to resolve toxic cycles and empower you to co-create the life you always dreamed of with your future or current partner. That's right, you do NOT need to be in a current relationship to take this challenge. If you are single and you know you definitely want your next relationship to finally be different, this 13 day challenge will help you to successfully prepare yourself for the type of relationship you want and deserve!


Yes! You can join still &
get the replays on demand!

This challenge is perfect for couples who are hoping to resolve current or past wounds toward each other and who want to finally move into a new chapter of stable healthy patterns, better communication, deeper intimacy. Or if single at the moment, it will guide you to clear any of your own past wounds that may be causing self-sabotage and blocking your dream relationship! This challenge will help you create a companionship which fosters lasting love, happiness, and inner freedom!

This challenge is also for anyone who is on the verge of considering therapy or relationship counseling or anyone who has tried therapy and it was not successful! Everything we share and teach you in this challenge is from a holistic Eastern and spiritual approach. Western psychology does not include spirituality or love! Love is literally the only frequency that creates lasting healing, so it's no wonder the current system is failing so many people! This challenge will be full of Spirit and Love!


I loved this program. 5 stars for sure! For me it was perfect timing. Newly single from an unhealthy 16 year relationship the class was very eye opening and helped me so much to cope with all the emotions going through my head and my heart. I had all my questions answered and was able to work through some really intense feels and to be able to understand my previous relationships and what I need to work on in order to have a healthy relationship in the future. The group format was great, everyone was very respectful and Mat and Ash are wonderful!  I will recommend to all my friends and I would take another class in a heartbeat! Thank you! Thank you!

-Lynn Marie Rantanen

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What You'll


Be immersed in 13 days of transformational self-healing work & live zoom calls with Mat & Ash focused on love and how to cultivate a spiritual, conscious relationship (all zoom calls will be recorded and available for replay)

Access your most loving and attractive vibration daily with live guided spiritual morning-rituals which will help you to show up as your best Self in your current or future relationships

Uncover any and all subconscious blockages to attracting, co-creating, and keeping a long-term healthy, conscious & spiritual relationship with Daily Inner Work processes and hands-on activities guided with Mat & Ash and the zoom group

Cleanse and purify yourself from toxic cycles and self-sabotaging patterns and rid yourself of repeating arguments, patterns, and traumas once and for all with energy clearing practices, shadow work exercises, and new strategies

Let go and release old paradigms and give yourself and or your current relationship a new and exciting fresh start with ceremony and ritual

Gain clarity on your values, standards, boundaries and communication strategies for your current or future relationships with step by step guided reflections

Develop the tools and practical strategies for maintaining a conscious and spiritual healthy relationship that fosters true freedom and lasting happiness together

Hang out with Mat & Ash and other conscious singles and couples who are doing The Inner Work in our private Telegram group (for challenge members only). 
Get your questioned answered directly by Mat & Ash


The challenge was more than worth it! This was the best relationship course I have ever done. It ranks very high on the quality / value scale of personal development courses I have taken.

The group format was awesome- so interactive, questions answered, so much Engagement and support. I couldn’t recommend Mat and Ash more! Thank you so much for this phenomenal, inclusive, safe space to explore tender subjects and for offering such practical, applicable teachings. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Dawnalyn Webster


What You'll Learn

How to reprogram and de-condition from previous unhealthy models of love

How to show up in your Divine masculine and/or Divine feminine roles and alleviate confusion in your energy dynamics with current or future partners

How to uncover your unmet inner child needs and the unmet needs of your current and future partner and clearly identify how current behaviors are rooted in trying to get those needs met

How to practice sacred and healthy intimacy rooted in spirituality, beyond physical attraction

How to detect unhealed trauma responses in yourself and in your partner and prevent unnecessary hurt and fighting from recurring

How use non-violent communication strategies to navigate disagreements with love and compassion
How to heal unhealthy coping mechanisms that are affecting your relationships such as porn use,  gaming,  drinking and social media addictions

How to use scripting practices to call in and align yourself with your ideal relationship or co-created dream life with your current or future partner

How to create a spiritual morning routine that will put you in your highest vibration plus help you and your partner stay on the same frequency to avoid unnecessary arguing

How to identify and heal self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that make you push love away or ruin relationships

How to heal past resentments, broken trust, or shared trauma within your relationship and truly give yourself a fresh new beginning

How to set goals with your current and future partner and co-create an epic life together now and in the years to come


So worth it. This has opened my mind and I am literally re-evaluating everything. I am so so clear of what I want out of life and out of a relationship now and i have never felt that before! Today's sacred sexuality session was everything that I needed and more and exactly what I have been trying to figure out for a couple of years since I realised my intimate experiences were not serving me. Thank you for everything and for being so kind and non judgemental and free with all the topics. Your openness and vulnerability is contagious and such a refreshing thing to witness. I really want to start doing the ytt/inner work training in the next couple of months because I just want so much more of all of this 

5 stars! All day every day! Thank you!

🙏🏼 -Anna 

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Hi Ash! I had a thought. Two thoughts actually!! This program has been SO incredible for my partner and I. We can’t thank you enough - we’ve literally been waiting for this for years! No one is doing what you two are doing so well and so powerfully 💚 And (2) we are getting married in June and this program is serving as our “premarital counseling”, and I think SO many people are looking for this! I’ve done internet searches for a year and found only Christian / catholic programs. This has been perfect!! Exactly what we’re looking for as we step into our marriage. So I feel like that would be a cool way to offer the program with that angle! 💚 -Carissa Wills

Ash and Mat,

Thank you so much for putting this program together. I have LOVED it!  I’ve found so much inner growth and healing through the sessions, as well as the group chats. You’re fantastic facilitators, and created a warm, loving space throughout where it felt comfortable to be who we are. Watching you two was like witnessing a performance of fine balance.  During one of the guided meditations I found myself getting teary, which was a testament to how powerful these sessions are.  I have been sharing details with my friends and colleagues, as I can see such a change in myself. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in fostering a deep partnership in their relationships.  Most definitely a 5⭐️ rating!  Seeing you both in action has confirmed my interest in your Yoga Teacher Training. How could I not want to carry on education with you both after this!?  Warmly, 💕 Jennifer K

Some old, complex trauma is finally surfacing in my partner and he is finally feeling courageous enough to meet and process it. Profound. Thank you so much for the journey and i hope there will be more opportunities for connection!  Also- I’m an expressive arts therapist (registered drama therapist) and have already been incorporating a lot of what you shared (as well as recommending you two and your books) to several clients. This challenge was a great reminder and an excellent container for a deeper personal dive.  Keep doing what you do - it’s awesome! Our relationship is already and will continue to be forever changed for the better, healed for the better, from this challenge. -Barbra

Thank you so so much for providing this beautiful experience. I just wanted to tell you that we got engaged on day 12! We have been together for 5 years and have spoken about marriage for some time now. But after this challenge I believe we are more ready than ever to step into the next phase of our relationship, and to continue growing into our highest selves together. 💕 Thank you again, you are beautiful souls ! Namaste 🙏🏻 -Chloe H 

The challenge was a 100% worth it! It really felt like a gift you two made us. ☺️ it made so excited to get at the end of my day and have this little bubble to talk about subjects that really spark my interest. A huge thank you!  


I learned about how to take action on subjects I already knew, which was so refreshing! I have been familiar with the therapy community for a while now but such practical solutions to include both science and spirituality (which are too often separated in my opinion) was a delight! It made me more conscious about the necessary steps to have a healthier relationship, and gave me guidelines to know how and where to start the inner work. ☺️🌱 


I have already recommended this challenge to all my close friends 😂 This is such a game changer. How to understand yourself and the other is a relationship, going through of all that information in 13 days! Mind blowing. So many people would be in happier relationships if only they knew all of that.


Also,  thank you so much for being attentive and answer all our questions!! So grateful ☺️ The group format was really nice, I would enjoy other workshops in the same format. You two are amazing, I will definitely keep an eye on new events and sign up for some other self discovery journeys directed by you. 🌱✨💫 🤣😇


I cannot describe how amazing this challenge is, and I am enjoying every bit of it!!! I will be a bit emotional tomorrow when it will be over, and not only because of my cycle 😂🧝🏼‍♀ -Juli


This challenge was so much more than I could have even imagined. I am incredibly appreciative of you Mat and Ash for putting so much valuable information together and sharing your personal experiences. I am learning SO MUCH. Everyone should do this challenge. I felt inexperienced and hopeless around relationships because I never had a healthy example growing up. I’ve been in repetitive cycles of toxic relationships. But now I’m STOKED to date again and put the amazing skills I’ve learned here to use. I have no unanswered questions, this was beyond informative. It has been such an immersive and engaging experience. I love the group format and the telegram chat is an awesome addition. The way you’ve interconnected science and spirituality is so beautiful and made each concept easy to understand and put into practice. You two are inspirational. I am so grateful to have come across this challenge. You’ve reminded me that I am capable and deserving of loving and and being loved in a long lasting relationship. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart 💖💕 -Bri


About Your Hosts

Mat & Ash are best known as The Yoga Couple to their 500K+ online community.  The influential couple is internationally recognized for their holistic healing work, authentic yoga teachings, and as the creators of The Inner Work method.  Through alternative healing practices such as transpersonal psychology, chakra balancing, science of mind, and yoga philosophy, their work empowers people to self-heal. 

As Top 10 Amazon bestselling authors of The Inner Work, hosts of The Inner Work podcast and cast members on the first season of Battle of The Fittest Couple on Paramount Network, they have made it their mission to bridge the gap between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, especially when it comes to navigating relationships and healing our inner child wounds. The basis of their teachings, The Inner Work, focuses on understanding the varying levels of human consciousness and the power to self-heal any aspect of the human condition including relationship issues, overcoming addictions, inner child healing, and trauma recovery.  Mat and Ash boldly give a voice to taboo topics such as pornography addiction and the importance of women’s menstrual cycle awareness and their fresh outlook is down to earth and accessible for all. 

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Sacred Yoga Methodology

30 minute morning rituals

This 13 day challenge includes live daily spiritual yoga rituals focused on opening your heart. Classes will be live and you will receive a recording if you would rather watch them on your own time. This is a great opportunity to develop a spiritual morning routine that will set the tone for your day and help you to live intentionally as the highest version of yourself. This is also a great opportunity for couples to learn how to practice together and to help hold each other accountable to starting your day with spirituality and self-care as a first priority. This one thing makes all the difference in our home and we couldn't lead a realtionship challenge without teaching you our greatest tool and super power to keeping a healthy and long lasting happy relationship, yoga. 


The  Inner  Work 

You will be participating in 13 days of transformational Inner Work processes which include group circles,  partner work, shadow work, and different physical and mental exercises developed to help you build a newfound awareness of the greatness of your potential in love and relationships. This entire challenge, all group calls, activities, homework, yoga, and meditations will be interwoven and themed around healing how you show up in relationships. These revolutionary experiences will serve as the gateway to a new paradigm of love, self-acceptance, and compassion for yourself and your future or current partner. This 13-day Inner Work Challenge is all about facilitating you to remember just how glorious a relationship can be when we show up from a conscious and spiritual place.

  • Is there a payment plan option?
    Yes! Please click "book my spot" and choose Payment Plan Deposit to reserve your spot through the payment plan option. The retreat center will reach out to you once you book your spot to confirm which room option you want.
  • Are flights included?
    Everything except for your flight is included. All meals, yoga, meditation, Bali excursions, Inner Work processes, meals, and transportation to and from the airport is included.
  • What is the nearest airport I should fly into?
    The nearest airport is Denpasar - Ngurah Rai Indonesia. Flights are not included but transportation to and from the airport is.
  • What time day and time should I plan to arrive in Bali?
    Please schedule your flight to arrive May 15th. Our first activity together will be a live music and escastic dance party at 6pm May 15th so arriving before 3pm would be ideal. If you miss the dance party because you found a later flight that worked out better, no worries! If you want to book your flight to arrive a day earlier you can totally do that to, just let the retreat center know and they will work out a rate for you. Departures will begin May 22nd at anytime you choose. Checkout is at 12pm. Again, if you want to stay a day later please let the retreat center know. Here is the email to our retreat manager:
  • I've never done yoga before, can I still join?"
    Yes! We welcome beginners! You will be right at home
  • Questions for the Retreat Center
    If you have any questions regarding room pricing, arrival pickup, or depature plans please contact:
  • If airport pickup and dropoff included?
    Yes! Please contant the retreat center to coordinate!
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