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Truly Satisfied

Transcend the daily struggle to Co-Create The Life Of Your Dreams

A Four Week Online Relationship Course for Conscious Couples in a Long Term Partnership

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What would your relationship feel like if you both freed yourselves from the limiting patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from experiencing true freedom and lasting happiness together? The answer is  Amazing!

Relationships are our greatest opportunity for personal growth and like a mirror, they reveal to us our own Inner Work, which can be challenging if we didn't know that's what we signed up for. Relationships also allow the potential for us to experience lasting joy, fun, excitement, intimacy, and un-bounding love if we understand how to navigate them consciously. Although our partnerships do have infinite potential for bliss, what most of us experience in their day to day reality is quit contrary to the thrilling happy ending love stories we see in movies. After being with the same person for a long enough time period the magic fades and routines are settled into. What’s left over in the monotony, is all the stuff that was underneath the surface which we never planned nor foresaw. And while it might seem like the solution to the chaos is simply for one of the partners to change or to abandon of the relationship entirely, we can assure you that every single relationship will experience the same challenges if both partners are not doing The Inner Work. 


Maybe you relate to a few of these common obstacles.


  • Buried insecurities or traumas within one or both partners are eventually revealed as unhealed

  • Arguments become recycled and are only temporarily diffused 

  • Passive aggressive tendencies come out

  • Criticism of one another is common

  • Trust is broken and secrets are kept from one another

  • Communication break downs happen more frequently

  • Stress from work and finances take a toll on the relationship

  • Intimacy starts to feel like a chore and gets put on the back burner

  • Romantic dates are replaced with to-do lists, chores, and work events

  • Much energy is spent attempting to prove the other wrong 

  • Partners grow in different directions but are unable to communicate how they truly feel

  • Partners feel more like roommates or business partners than lovers

  • One or both partners are no longer attracted to each other

  • Growing a part feels scary but the idea of being alone becomes even more unsettling

  • Feeling like you are settling for status quo

  • Partners begin to wonder is they are with the wrong person


The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way!  There is a new relationship paradigm that will reveal to you the

true satisfaction  you deeply yearn for within the relationship you are already in! We are living testimonies of the happiness and freedom that can be found by doing the Inner Work together. 


Relationships are the best tools to bring us back in alignment with our true authentic selves. Through relationship we can let go of the limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that are ultimately keeping us from the joy, inner freedom, and love we deserve. Cultivating a conscious relationship will upgrade your life together, free you from the shackles of your past, and welcome a new chapter of lasting happiness right where you are. 




Welcome to being Truly Satisfied.
-Mat & Ash

What This Course Offers:

Learn communication strategies for you and partner regarding your needs, wants, and desires

Develop the skills to avoid arguments and find solutions

Move away from expectations and into healthy agreements

Break free from dependency and move into co-creation

Finally release the struggle of the past and welcome a new chapter together

Create a relationship strategy & relationship mission statement for your future 

Learn how to cultivate true, deep intimacy and total fulfillment that lasts

Move from resentment into appreciation

Get clarity on if your partner is the one

Develop new levels of commitment, loyalty, and trust
Give up blame and victimhood and reclaim your personal power

Join Now for only $119

Week 1: Truly Intimiate

We will share with you a new paradigm on conscious relationships and liberating Inner Work strategies. We tell our story, including some of our lowest moments and how we have used the Inner Work to transform our relationship.

In this weeks module you will get to know yourself and your partner on a brand new level. We will each get clear on your shadows, triggers, and how they play out within your relationship. You start to uncover the root of your behavioral or thought programs that come between you. You also will honestly reveal your expectations and dreams for your own life as individuals. You will also take a compatibility quiz which will clearly reveal if there is a break between expectations of your relationship and the reality of it. 

4 Weeks to Truly Satisfied

Week 2: Truly Liberated

In this weeks module you will create new agreements and a relationship strategy and mission statement that will put you back on the same team and on track for a bright and happy future together. You will learn how to use your triggers of the past as opportunities to transcend and move to new heights. We will cover communication strategies, how to resolve conflict, how to avoid arguments, and ultimately find solutions that are a win/win.

Week 3: Truly in Love

In this weeks module you will move on from the past, give up resentment, and move into gratitude for your partners and your life together. We will cover the power of choice within our perspectives revealing how we can easily choose love and cover topics like intimacy, sexuality, romance, and ultimately how to keep the fire alive after years of commitment. This week is all about falling in love all over again.

Week 4: Truly Devoted

In  this weeks module we will move away from the old relationship paradigms of obligatory commitment and into the liberated relationship paradigms of true devotion. We will cover taboo topics (like desiring other people and pornography) that often keep us seeking outside our relationship for fulfillment and learn how to liberate ourselves from the internal suffering such things cause. The last week of the course is all about solidifying an unshakable foundation for a life of lasting happiness and true freedom together. This module is about embracing that everything we seek is already available to us right where we are. It is simply up to us to open our eyes, say yes, and access it! 

What's Included

Four week course broken into easy to follow modules emailed weekly

Over four hours of video content

Access to members-only site with lifetime access to course 

Weekly application assignments and activities for you and your partner

Thought provoking PDF guides

Access to Truly Satisfied Facebook group for continued support and discussion 

$100 discount on The Inner Work Soul Renew Retreat in Hawaii with Mat & Ash

Join Now for only $119
The Yoga Couple - Mat and Ash - Mathew M

Mat and Ash are contemporary teachers of Self-realization from the millennial generation. Known as The Yoga Couple, their fresh outlook on yoga philosophy and meditation is down to earth and accessible for all. Their mission is to bridge the gap between Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy especially when it comes to navigating relationships. They are the creators and authors of The Inner Work as well The Inner Work podcast hosts. Together they reside on Big Island, Hawaii where they host retreats and teach mindful living.

Mathew Micheletti graduated from high school at age 15 to begin his college studies. After receiving a bachelors degree in Psychology at 19 years old, he worked in inpatient psychiatry for a year before heading into naturopathic medical school in Arizona. It was there that he met the three colleagues who would change the course of his life forever. A Yogi, a former Buddhist monk, and a Hindu. Through them he was introduced to the eastern philosophies of Self-realization. Mathew was inspired to then leave medical school to further his studies of consciousness and the mind. At 23 years old, seeking to further understand and learn how to best heal the mind, he enrolled into a Masters program to become a family therapist. Still unsatisfied with the limited attention academics gave to understanding consciousness, Mathew immersed himself into full time study of research on consciousness and enlightenment conducted by Dr. Hawkins, M.D, PH.D. Mathew has since trained in the YogaWorks method under Alexandra Crow and has gone on to teach at studios and festivals across the United States with his wife Ashley. Together they now live on the big island of Hawaii. 

Ashley Cottrell began practicing yoga at age 16. Growing up with a mother severely addicted to narcotics, inspired Ashley to investigate spirituality and alternative healing early on in her life. By twenty,  Ashley began studying to become a yoga educator with her mentor Kathleen Santor. She continued her search for truth and wisdom at UNLV studying eastern philosophy and religion,  while simultaneously teaching yoga therapy under the direct guidance of Dr. Alissa Wampole, OMD. Wanting to bring the light of yoga to Sin City, Ashley opened her first yoga studio, Modo Yoga LV by age 25, and her second studio Evolution Yoga by age 26. She has since trained under teachers such as Ted Grand, founder of Moksha Yoga, Annie Carpenter, founder of SmartFlow, Aileen Epstein Ignadiou, founder of the Iyengar Yoga Center, and has taken special interest to studying the work of George Feuerstein PH.D Indologist - Founder of Traditional Yoga Studies. Besides being one half of the yoga couple with her husband Mathew, she is also the co-founder of Spirit Woman, an organization committed to educating women about their moon cycles and blood cycles. Ashley's mother, Lisa, has now been sober for over five years due to the healing powers of yoga and alternative medicine. 

About Mat & Ash

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