The Inner Work

The Inner Work will take you on a hero’s journey through the uncharted depths of your subconscious mind to reveal your shadows and unlock the greatness of your full potential. Through the uprooting of limiting beliefs and transcendence of themes of consciousness which perpetuate suffering, true freedom and lasting happiness will finally be revealed. By process of radical self-analysis and a practical three-step method, The Inner Work invites you to let go of your struggle with life.

If you are a human, and you want to be happy,

this book is for you.



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"Mat and Ash have inspired me so much to see the good in the world, the good in everything. The world is so beautiful if you really open your eyes and look. I have had so many struggles this past year but I'm still here! Thank you Mat and Ash for sharing this wisdom, it has made me so happy."


"I've been a part of the inner work community from the beginning. Mat and Ash feel like my extended family on the other side of the world. I feel so blessed to share in this unbelievable process and path. I agree whole heartedly with their message that there is nothing the world can give us - it all comes from deep inside ourselves. Everything we see and feel is based on our own inner perception."

"This is everything I needed to see, hear, and read. This journey is not an easy one, but it's these moments that make us look back at the mountain we've climed and say, "Hell yeah! Look at me now!". This is not the kind of glow you get from any beauty product, this my friend is pure bliss. Thank you Mat and Ash."
-Brit Lynne


The Themes of Consciousness

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-True Freedom & Lasting Happiness-

-Love & Inner Peace-

Transition into  Spiritual  Reality

-Reason & Understanding-





Transition  into  Self- Honesty







-Guilt & Judgment-


Scientific discovery has now revealed that everything in our universe, including human thoughts and emotions, is composed of a vibrating energy each unique and varying in calibration of frequency. Themes of consciousness are a reflection of these varying frequencies which are universal to humanity and represent the overall quality of experience each of us is having from our vantage point. We can think of themes of consciousness as the lenses which we view reality. Thus the frequency we are in, or theme of consciousness our soul is occupying, dictates our levels of suffering, pain, joy, love, peace, and overall level of satisfaction in everyday life. We call them themes of consciousness because the vibration you settle into will paint a consistent energetic theme throughout each area of your life and will continue to show up whenever an opportunity presents itself. These themes will stay with you an entire lifetime unless you consciously address them. Just as good soil will bear good crops; your thoughts, words, feelings, desires, habits, and interests are intrinsically rooted in a theme of consciousness. Negatively charged themes will produce negatively charged thoughts, feelings, and actions while positively charged themes will produce positively charged thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Within each theme of consciousness, root program beliefs will find validation, support, and expression through our repeated thoughts, feelings, and actions. This then creates neuro-programs that we begin operating on subconsciously—hence the term auto-pilot. All of this making up our subjective experience of reality. If we are not aware of this process, we will naturally think the problems of our life are coming from “out there” when really it is all coming from our internal theme.


For example, a person occupying a limiting theme of consciousness, such as fear, will create a life that looks and feels like fear. They will experience thoughts of worry and doubt. Terror will surround them. They will experience feelings of paranoia and distrust. They will perceive enemies, whether physically or mentally. They will feel anxious around other people. Their choice of words will often be full of pessimism or panic. When they look at the world they will see fearful concerns, instability, and jeopardy.

In the same way, a person whose theme of consciousness is calibrating in a liberating frequency, such as love and inner peace, will in turn create a life that looks and feels like love and peace. They will experience thoughts that are compassionate and kind. Their bodies will usually radiate health and wellness. They will feel grateful for all the people and experiences in their life. Laughter and beauty will surround them. They will see the silver lining in every situation. Their choice of words will be full of intention and optimism. When they look at the world they will see divine love and perfection.In the second half of this book, we will be exploring in detail how each theme manifests, how to identify their patterns we may find ourselves stuck in, how to transcend them, and how to consciously transition into the liberating themes of love, inner peace, true freedom and lasting happiness forever more.