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Namaste Sacred Soul

We're The Yoga Couple and we are here to help you heal your body, heart, mind & soul.
 Loved. Innocent. Free.Empowered. At Peace.

Whether you are struggling as a couple or as an individual, we see you. The real YOU.
We are no stranger to the suffering of our inner shadows. Together we have successfully healed our own addictions, dodged potential divorce, restored our bodies and mended our childhood traumas. All thanks to The Inner Work, holistic psychology, and the sacred Eastern wisdom traditions which we are here to share with you now. 

The Inner Work Podcast

With The Yoga Couple

Down to earth. Radically honest.

 A spiritual look at real-life everyday challenges.

Let's talk about what's underneath the surface. 

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A holistic and alternative approach to traditional therapy.

Let's pull out the root of your issue instead of trimming the leaves. 

Your Hero's Journey!


A Spiritual Practice Rooted In Inner Work & Self-Discovery


Covid Adjusted home Based Learning Experience


Want to know what we can help you with?

Relationship Healing 

Trauma Healing

Holistic Alternatives 

Addiction Recovery

Self-Improvment Journey

Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork

Mentorship & Professional Training

Yoga Teacher Training


Ready to be reborn?

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